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How to Play Side Bets

Increase the fun with these great blackjack side bets

Lucky Ladies™ also known as, "The 20 Point Bonus Wager" is regular Blackjack with an optional side bet. A Player may take an optional bonus wager on whether the point count of their 2 cards equals 20.

Each Player who has placed a Blackjack wager may make a Lucky Ladies™ bonus wager prior to the first card being dealt. After the initial 2 cards have been dealt to each Player and the Dealer, the Dealer will collect all losing bonus wagers and pay all winning bonus wagers. Following the settling of the Lucky Ladies™ bonus wagers for each Player, the play for Blackjack shall start.

First two cards:
 Queen of Hearts Pair
(with Dealer Blackjack)     1,000 to 1
Queen of Hearts Pair           125 to 1
Matched 20                          19 to 1
Suited 20                               9 to 1
Any 20                                   4 to 1

*Only highest payout paid per player. "Matched 20" is two identical cards.

21 + 3

 21+3 is a side bet that adds 3-card poker to the base game of Blackjack. The player wins their 21+3 wager if their two cards, plus the dealer's up card, form a 3-card poker hand of a straight or better!