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A “Bad Beat” is when a high-ranking poker hand is beaten by a higher-ranking hand (ex: four Ten’s losing to Straight Flush). The minimum qualifying hand is based on the Bad Beat Jackpot amount. The Bad Beat Jackpot will be capped at $100,000.
• $1-$49,999.99 - Quad 7’s or better beaten
• $50,000-$100,000 – Any Quads or better beaten

• Bad Beat Jackpot amount will be posted in the poker room and will determine the current payout amount. Payouts will be rounded to nearest $5 increment.
  • 40% of the Jackpot: Loser of the Hand
  • 25% of the Jackpot: Winner of the Hand
  • 35% of the Jackpot: Table Share (equally divided amongst remaining players)

• Only active players can qualify.
   • Active Players are defined as
      • Player must have been dealt at least one hand at his/her current table
      • New players or players who move to a new table and were seated but had not been dealt a hand yet are ineligible
      • Player must not be inactive or away from the table for more than 10 minutes at the time the jackpot is dealt.(Time may be adjusted due to extenuating circumstance.)
      • More details in the Rules section

1. Player must be on a promotion eligible game.
2. Qualifying games will reflect that they are promotional eligible on the game sign. Only Texas Hold’em games that collect Promotional Rake are eligible.
3. Must be $20 in the pot, including any rake off. There must be at least 4 players at the table.
4. Players must use both hole cards; quad hands must be made using a pocket pair.
5. Hands must go to a showdown.
6. Only best and second-best hands qualify.
7. Qualifying hands must be tabled for all players and the dealer to see.
8. A player who removes his or her chips from the game prior to a showdown on a hand where a BB Jackpot is won forfeits his or her right to any prize money. A player dealt in but moved prior to the showdown, due to a must-move table, will still qualify.
9. Players must play their hands independently. If any player, whether directly or indirectly involved in the hand, passes information or instructs another on how to act or reveals their hand to other players, the hand will be disqualified.
10. To collect any payout, participants must be at least 21 years of age, have a mychoice® players card, proper ID will be required.
11. Prizes which reach certain thresholds will be subject to applicable Internal Revenue Service withholding and tax reporting requirements.
12. Hands must be verified by Floor supervisor or above, all prizes are subject to surveillance review.
13. Payouts will be paid in cash at the table.
14. All payouts are derived from promotional funds.
15. In the rare occurrence of a BB Jackpot being hit on more than one game at the same time, the total BB Jackpot will be divided by the number of Bad Beat winning games then the jackpot will be distributed on each game according to the percentages set forth above.
16. If subsequent Bad Beat Jackpot hands were started after the possible jackpot has been announced on the first table, then subsequent payouts will be made from the reserve jackpot(s).
17. Any dispute or situation not covered by the official rules will be resolved by Hollywood Casino management in a manner deemed by them to be the fairest to all concerned, and that decision shall be final and binding on all participants. In addition, Hollywood Casino reserves the right to void any entry, and/or to change, cancel or modify this promotion at any time. Management’s decision is final.