Progressive Royal Flush Jackpot

Your hand can win you more!

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you go all in

Certain poker hands qualify for an additional bonus!

1. “Progressive Royal Flush Bonuses” means certain hands are hit by a player and the player receives the amount associated with
that particular hand. Progressive Royal Flush Bonuses will only count while playing Hold’em or 7 card Stud, Omaha Games will not
be eligible. The Bonuses will be updated daily and any individual bonus may only be hit once per gaming day.

2. Qualifying games will reflect that they are promotion eligible on the game sign.

3. Only games that collect the Promotional Rake (“Promo Rake”) are eligible for the Progressive Royal Flush Bonuses.

4. Both of a player’s hole cards must play.

5. A $1.00 maximum Promo Rake will be removed from each pot when it reaches $20 or more, including the House rake. For each
$1.00 collected, 15% will fund the Progressive Royal Flush Bonus, and 85% will be diverted to a Player Promotional Fund.

6. In order for a hand to be eligible for a Jackpot, the pot must be at least $20 minimum (including any rake off)

7. In order to collect any Jackpot payout, participants must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid Marquee Rewards® card, and
matching identification.

8. Any dispute or situation not covered by the official rules will be resolved by Hollywood Casino management in a manner deemed
by them to be the fairest to all concerned, and that decision shall be final and binding on all participants. In addition, Hollywood
Casino reserves the right to void any entry, and/or to change, cancel or modify this promotion at any time. Management’s decision is